Saturday, July 26, 2008

movies by mulligan - The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Special Effects - Really good. While some action hero movies go over the top defying the laws of physics; TDK keeps the unbelievable to a minimum. The action doesn't jump around and the 2 times I was tempted to say "oh, no he didn't" were borderline. Someone less cynical probably wouldn't have noticed the G-forces involved.

Bad Guy - Exceptional. Its rare for me to actually jump in my seat. The villan comes across as bold, sinister, cerebral, and spends most of the movie at least one step ahead of the good guys, without splattering body parts and in some cases without even showing injury.

Good Guy - Well done. I think the Batman voice was a little overdone. As I grew up watching Batman and Robin on TV after school, I tend to view Batman as an intellectual hero rather than a physical hero. This movie leans more toward the physical hero style with more overpowering of bad guys than outwitting or outmanuevering. I've not followed the Dark Knight comics at all so I really don't know if this portrayal is true to the comic or not.

Sad we'll see nothing more from Heath Ledger. His Joker was extremely well done; darker than the Jack Nicholson version.

All in all.... a must see. See this movie on the biggest screen you can find. I'll buy the DVD but the movie will definitely show better in theater. Its rare to find a movie this well done and even rarer to find one with minimal language and splatter in today's world of excess shock and gore.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

bear feet

Today is Bear-Feet day.


Bear spends most of his time on the carpet or grass so his toenails don't get worn down naturally as much as they need. Armed with my thumbs (I suspect the only reason he keeps me around), clippers and scissors, we prepared to do battle. I do mean battle. Bear's feet are ticklish and if he doesn't manage to kick me in the groin at least once, it's an off day. He's also gifted with some sort of aggressive fuzzy hobbit-feet genes. So I have to periodically trim the foot-fuzz or he loses traction on the tile completely.

He's a good boy; it's not his fault he's fuzzy. After

He loves the attention, and doesn't exactly seem repentant after he kicks me. So he had a good time. Me? I got kicked twice and sneezed on once.... plus some idiot tried to sell me digital cable halfway through the project.

movies by mulligan - WALL-E


Animation – really good. WALL-E was awesome. There were lots of little mannerisms and details.

Storyline – didn't thrill me. love story almost gets lost in the garbage, literally.

It's worth the price of admission and there were several genuine 'laugh out loud' moments that reach out and grab you. But the 'humanity covered the planet with trash and then left it' moral message was so pervasive it overshadowed the rest of the movie.

I think kids will like it more than I. The cuteness of the robot and the action will keep them glued to the screen and they will probably not notice the moralistic aspects that turned me off in places.

I don't think WALL-E needs a big screen. Its good enough for repeated viewing at home so DVDs will be popular.

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