Thursday, July 24, 2008

bear feet

Today is Bear-Feet day.


Bear spends most of his time on the carpet or grass so his toenails don't get worn down naturally as much as they need. Armed with my thumbs (I suspect the only reason he keeps me around), clippers and scissors, we prepared to do battle. I do mean battle. Bear's feet are ticklish and if he doesn't manage to kick me in the groin at least once, it's an off day. He's also gifted with some sort of aggressive fuzzy hobbit-feet genes. So I have to periodically trim the foot-fuzz or he loses traction on the tile completely.

He's a good boy; it's not his fault he's fuzzy. After

He loves the attention, and doesn't exactly seem repentant after he kicks me. So he had a good time. Me? I got kicked twice and sneezed on once.... plus some idiot tried to sell me digital cable halfway through the project.

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