Monday, September 8, 2008

Rule #37

I was thinking a bit about "what if": what if someone tries to take our guns?
Booze was outlawed and people found a way. Drugs are outlawed and people find a way. Are they going to do away with our tools and workbenches? If not, I'm thinking someone will find a way.

This is what people come up with as hobbies.... unite the gunnies, machinists, and engineers and you're gonna have your hands full.

Doc's Machine

Crazy ideas and beer go together like crackerjacks and little prizes.
(There's one at the bottom of each can)

Here’s a tiny bit of a LawDog story
[all 6 parts are listed here :The Ratel Saga]
…Chris and I constructed a trebuchet out of 2 X 4 timbers and a bucket of concrete which flung croquet balls an impressive distance, for all that it stood about four feet tall.

Our efforts and subsequent activities were watched with great interest by the horde of not-quite-drunk-yet engineers who were more-or-less permanently encamped at our house.

Whom, once Chris and I decided to upgrade our trebuchet, began to give us advice. And maybe some guidance. A little oversight. And a lent paw here-and-there.

Of course, they wound up taking over.

Not that we minded so much -- especially after someone fired up the arc welder….

Some folks are even growing their own ammo... lead free, vegetarian ammo.

Punkin' Chunkin'

Home grown - Made in the USA