Thursday, July 24, 2008

movies by mulligan - WALL-E


Animation – really good. WALL-E was awesome. There were lots of little mannerisms and details.

Storyline – didn't thrill me. love story almost gets lost in the garbage, literally.

It's worth the price of admission and there were several genuine 'laugh out loud' moments that reach out and grab you. But the 'humanity covered the planet with trash and then left it' moral message was so pervasive it overshadowed the rest of the movie.

I think kids will like it more than I. The cuteness of the robot and the action will keep them glued to the screen and they will probably not notice the moralistic aspects that turned me off in places.

I don't think WALL-E needs a big screen. Its good enough for repeated viewing at home so DVDs will be popular.

2 paws

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