Sunday, August 24, 2008

apple a day...

I recently took the plunge and bought a cell phone. Not just any cell phone, I went full out and got the I-Phone. I-Phone is the Leatherman of phones imho.

**Note: at the time of my purchase the I-Phone came bundled with AT&T phone plan. No optional providers.

I got:
-alarm clock with multiple alarms
-portable internet/maps/weather
-remote email/addressbook
-rollover minutes

ok, ok. Other brands will do some of that stuff too. Plus, the 'jack of all trades master of none' rule applies to things like the camera which doesn't really dazzle a true photographer; but it meets MY needs pretty well.

Blissful harmony for about 10 days. ATTN: I-Phone is not gravity or impact resistant.
Much sadness.

I-Phone #2 was not from this reality. It was from our ANTI-REALITY. Everything #1 did #2 didn't do.
Sadness x2

#3 fell someplace in the middle. I got it after a trip acrooooooosssss the metro area to the only Apple store around. It didn't cost me anything; they tested #2 and handed me #3 after about an hour.

About 3 weeks ago #3's battery went T-U (military term) and decided not to hold a charge.
sigh, additional sadness, and I picked up the land-line to call support once again.

**Note: I spout off about what I think or believe a lot. I try to keep my mouth shut when the topic is something I don't know well. I have worked tech support, in person, over the counter, over the phone, via chat, for the military, for civilians. I know a bit about good tech support and bad tech support.

So far, I can complain about the consistency of the product (I-phone).
I can complain (and did, loudly and often) about the local AT&T store that sold me the original product and accessories.
I can complain about AT&T customer service, phone support, billing, website etc.
I can complain about the line at the local Apple store and the traffic to and from said store.

However, Apple tech/phone/customer service support is FREAKIN' AWESOME!
I'm never on hold more than a few minutes. By 'few' I mean a SINGLE DIGIT number.
I always get a REAL PERSON.
I always get someone who speaks ENGLISH and if they have any accent at all its an accent FROM THE USA.
I don't get treated like I'm an idiot.
They talk WITH you instead of AT you.
I have changed phones 3 times and have had ZERO data loss.
I could go on, but I don't want to gush at a level that destroys credibility.

btw, #4 is on site and working well.
total down time:
7/31 1150pm (2350 if you prefer) -- 15 min phone call
8/1 am -- Fed Ex shipping box delivery attempt (I was at the doc so I missed it)
8/4 am -- Fed Ex shipping box arrived
8/6 -- packed up #3 / applied label / dropped at Fed Ex shipping center
8/7 7:15 am -- email notification of #3's arrival at service center
8/7 5pm (yeah, same day) -- email notification #4 packed and issued a shipping # by Fed Ex.
8/8 #4 in hand. (no charge)
**hats off to Fed Ex, I think the package spent more time on my desk than it did in their trucks.

8 days. Including:1 Saturday, 1 Sunday and the 3 days I farted around packing up #3. that's unreal.

oh yeah, and Apple called AT&T .. got my monthy phone bill pro-rated for the outage time....


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